Cricket is life, everything else is just a game!

Underarm Cricket Format:

1. The toss will be done by the officials in the presence of both team captains.

2. Players are free to carry their individual sports gear to the cricket event however jerseys will be provided by the management.

3. The players on a team cannot be substituted once the game has begun unless a player is hurt / injured.

4. In case of a super over tie match, the team having lost the lesser number of wickets will be declared the winner. If the tie continues, the teams will have to resort to a ‘bowling shootout’- Each team will have to nominate 3 players who will bowl at the stumps. The team which strikes the wicket the maximum number of times shall be declared the winner. If a tie persists, the winner will be declared on a toss basis.

5. Each innings will be limited to 6 overs during which there will be no break. If the number of overs need to be changed, only the core committee member who is in attendance can make that choice.

6. Only 8 players can play while the other 4 will be used as substitutes, However, the additional 3 players in the team squad will be stand-by players, who may replace one of the four substitute players, as a contingency.

7. The match will be played with a soft tennis ball only.

8. Although adequate safety precautions and medical facilities will be available to treat any injuries sustained while playing, the Bank/organizers or any of its employees will not be held responsible and liable for the same and the players will be playing at their own risk.

Batting Format:

1. Batsman will be allowed to bat till their individual score reaches 30 runs and then they will be retired (29 runs + a max of 6 runs will be allowed).

2. The retired batsman can only return upon the fall of the penultimate wicket.

3. In case of a batsman getting injured and not being able to continue the batting, he will be deemed to have lost his wicket.

4. The batsman/team can choose 1 ball throughout the duration of their innings as a POWER BALL. This rule states that the number of runs scored in this particular delivery would be DOUBLED. In case a power ball is a wide, no ball etc, the batting team would score double the runs for that particular delivery and the next legal delivery would automatically be deemed as the power ball. If a wicket falls in the power ball delivery, the result would stay as it is without having an effect on the runs and the power ball would be considered as used. If a team does not use the power ball rule, the last ball of the second last over will automatically be considered as a power ball.

5. Handling the ball by the batter will be given out.

6. A wide ball will be considered if the batter is outside of his crease and the bowler throws the ball over head level., also in the same scenario stumping and run-out will be given out.

7. Byes runs will be added to the score.

8. Leg byes are allowed when it’s an attempt to shot and only if the player is bowled will be counted as a wicket.

9. Hitting the roof directly (on venues where a roof is available) shall be deemed out. In case a venue does not have a roof covering, then balls hit outside the playing area above the height of the partition net will be deemed out.

10. When a batsman is caught out, the new batsman comes back on strike and not on non strike

Bowling Format

1. Each match will have 6 overs, 1 bowler can bowl only 1 over maximum.

2. Bowler has to say which side he is bowling to the umpire each time he starts the over(Fore.g.: He can say “this side”)

3. A maximum of 20 minutes shall be permitted for the bowling side to complete their allotted number of overs. In the event of a team failing to do so
a) If the team is due to chase, the number of overs shall be deducted
b) In case of this occurring in the 2ndinnings, the opposition team shall be awarded
2 runs per minute of delay and the result thus shall vary

4. The balls that will be used will be the ones provided by the organizing committee.

5. In the case of a No Ball, no free hits will be awarded

6. Middle line No Ball will be applicable.

7. DirectWaist ball or ball delivered from above waist will be given a No Ball.

8. Back Foot No ball rule will be applied.

9. Bowling crease front line, No ball will be applied (I.e. crossing the front line.)

10. Side line no ball will be applicable.

11. At the time of bowling all the team members have to be inside the box line, or else it will be given a No ball by the umpire.

12. Bowler has to take a fixed stand before he bowls. No movement of leg will be allowed. If done, will lead to a No ball.

13. Arm ball action is not allowed.(Umpire’s call)

14. Hiding of ball behind the back while bowling is not allowed.

15. Umpires Decision will be final decision. (No argument)

16. If the Main umpire is having some confusion on a decision, thenhe canconsult to leg umpire and vice-versa. Even a third umpire can be considered and/or a third umpire can also suggest/consult with both the on-field umpires.

17. Overthrow runs will be added to the score.

18. In case if the stump is hit or falls down, then the fielder has to pick the stumps in hand and touch the ball to the stump to claim a run out.

19. On No ball if a batsman gets bowled/stumped/caught/or hits out of the box directly, then the batting team will get 1 run plus the wicket will not be considered and ball will not be counted.

20. Two bounces will be a No Ball and not a Dead Ball

21. A wide ball is considered if the ball goes outside the wide lines no matter how many bounces it is.

22. If a batsman is stumped or run out while fielding a wide ball, he will be declared out, but the ball will not be counted and one run will be added to the score.

23. After all league matches, the team with the maximum match points/NRR will directly go to the final, and the semifinals will be played between team 2 and team 3 (as per match points/NRR) standing on the table. Whoever wins between team 2 and team 3 will play finals with team 1.

24. Respect the umpire on all decision’s given, any misbehaviour with the umpire will be given a penalty of 3 runs as per the umpire’s consent (3 runs will be deducted from the Batting team scoreboard and the same will be added to the Bowling teams scoreboard)

25. Any player who uses inappropriate language with an umpire may be suspended from that match or tournament (at the umpire's discretion).

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